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River Serp

The River Serp is one of the largest rivers in the Emirate of Taqwal, and its course bisects the Vermell Peninsula into two rough halves to its east and west. The river’s source is in the southern Esbalt Mountains, where the mountains bow out to surround the Sorra Blanca, and act as a barrier between the salt flat and the rest of the peninsula to the south. Because the River Serp’s source is located in this region, its waters have absorbed large amounts of salt from the minerals in the Sorra Blanca to its north, which makes the river a salt water body, almost as saline in its composition as seawater. The River Serp floes south from the mountains down into the Lake Meridional, and then onwards into the Panta de Veri, a large area of bog land that dominates a large part of the Vermell Peninsula's southern coastline. The River Serp is the main feeder of both the lake and the bog, and it has a consistent flow of water running through it continuously regardless of the season, helped by the fact that its high salt content prevents it from freezing in all but the most extreme of cold snaps.   Because of the natural salinity of the water, the waters of the River Serp are not abundant with life. What little life can be found there has managed to move upstream from Lake Meridional or the Panta de Veri into the main body of the river, rather than originating there naturally. There are communities of people who live along the course of the River Serp, but as with those that live around Lake Meridional, they will tend to rely on wells for their water rather than the river itself. Given the fact that the river does not have a rich supply of potential food, it is not relied on as a source of sustenance either by those that live near it.
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