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Vermell Peninsula

The Vermall Peninsula is the most southerly promontory of the continent of Turoza, and the geographical territory of the Emirate of Taqwal. The Vermall Peninsula is protected from the Sonsuz Desert to the north by the Esbalt Mountains, which have for centuries effectively halted the advance of the desert further south. Unlike the Sonsuz Desert, the Peninsula is widely covered in lush grasslands, with the distinctive red soil of the region being particularly good for the cultivation of arable crops such as Flax. The hardy grass that makes up the grasslands is hard to digest for most pastoral animals, but sheep thrive especially well on this diet, and large flocks of Taqwallian sheep are herded across the landscape, farmed for both their thick, particularly silky, wool coats, meat and milk. Several large rivers have their sources in the Esbalt Mountains, and as weather systems rolling off the Safir Sea are regularly trapped against the mountains high peaks, the Vermell Peninsula has ample supplies of water. The river systems flowing down from the mountains are, on the whole, navigable by large boats for most of their lengths, which significantly eases the movement of goods around the Emirate.


  • Emirate of Taqwal
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