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The Wash

In the north central/eastern area of Dazscor, the low-lying land, much of which is below sea-level, is home to a network of marshland and swamp, that stretches for miles across the landscape. The Wash is pretty much uninhabited, as there is little available land for the building of houses, let alone the sustaining of a livelihood. The few people that live in the Wash live in houseboats, and eke out a meagre existence through fishing, rarely staying in the same area of water for long. The Wash is also notorious as a hideout for bandits, as few patrols of the Joint Kingdom’s soldiers would bother trying to track down anyone who fled into the marshy landscape.


The Wash is an intricate network of narrow waterways fractured by a multitude of small, waterlogged islands. Although there is hardly any firm land within the Wash, some areas do have tree cover, with the trees being rooted directly into the waterways, or clinging to the sides of the small islands. In other places, the waterways are almost entirely obscured by huge fields of rushes and reeds growing from the water. The water itself is very slow moving, and in many places is stagnant. In order to travel within and through the Wash it is essential to travel by boat, as there is no way to pass through on foot. Although there are several small rivers and streams that drain into the Wash, only a very small proportion of the water finds its way out. This means that the few attempts that have been made to drain parts of the Wash for building have ended in failure, as the waters quickly move to reclaim any drained areas.
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I like the name and some of the concepts, but I feel like it is lifeless. This is just my opinion, but I feel like a lot of animals making their home here could make it more interesting.