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The heartland of the Kingdom of Dazscor & Aramore, the region of Dazscor lends its name to what was originally an independent kingdom, but is now part of the Joint Kingdom. The region of Dazscor is ideal for arable farming, and much of the landscape is covered in rolling fields as far as the eye can see. This means that the area is often referred to as the ‘Bread Basket of the North’, thanks to the amount of wheat that is produced there.


The landscape of Dazscor is predominantly flat, with some areas of land actually lying below sea level. The lack of large areas of elevation means that large swathes of the region have been given over to arable farming. Nevertheless, there are large areas of deciduous woodland and forest within Dazscor, with many settlements maintaining an area of protected woodland specifically for the purpose of hunting, which is a popular national pastime amongst all classes of people in the Kingdom of Dazscor & Aramore. The largest area of forest is the Bar-Dendra Forest, which is an immense area of deciduous forest that nearly stretches from the west to the east coast. There is also a significant area of swampland, The Wash that sits in a particularly low-lying area of land in the central-eastern area of the region.


  • The Kingdom of Dazscor & Aramore

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