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Cape Verdant

Beyond the flat-topped mountains that make up the border of the Zhis Badlands is the rolling jungle landscape of Cape Verdant. The Cape is thought to be one of the most diverse places in the whole of Turoza, with all manner of flora and fauna making up the thick jungle, most of which has barely been recorded, let alone understood. There are several Lizardmen tribes that are native to the jungles of Cape Verdant, but they have accepted the rule of Ajrihaan and her Dragonborn brood, if for no other reason than because they are reptilian cousins. There are also strong communities of amphibious Grungs and Bullywugs who are more problematic to their Dragonborn overlords, but do not represent serious threat to the political stability of the Cape.


Almost the entire land mass of Cape Verdant is covered in thick jungle from the mountains of the Badlands to the south to all along the coast of the Cape. The area receives an extraordinary amount of rainfall as the weather systems that roll off the Estrill Ocean dump most of the rain they are carrying so that they can rise higher in the atmosphere to pass over the Zhis Badlands. This rainfall, combined with incredibly rich soil makes the Cape the perfect cultivation area for the numerous types of spice that Zhisbon produces for export to the other nations of Turoza. These spice plantations, however, have to be carefully guarded, as the jungle is home to all manner of wild beasts that would be happy to feast on a Dragonborn if they could find one….
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