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Mount Krak

In the east of the Zhis Badlands, a lone peak towers above the rocky, bleak terrain, Mount Krak. Like the mountains that make up the northern border of the Zhis Badlands, Mount Krak has a distinctive flat top, upon which is built the most important buildings of the capital of Zhisbon, Laszan. One of these buildings, the immense Temple of Ajrihaan, is the exterior entrance to the vast network of tunnels that burrow deep into the mountain, where the Ancient Brass Dragon Ajrihaan dwells. These chambers within Mount Krak are only accessible by a few very select individuals, and access to the ‘Mother of the Nation’ is tightly regulated. Only the nine Elders of Zhisbon and the Matriarch’s Guards who are charged with the defence of the Temple are allowed regular access. The slopes of Mount Krak are too sheer to allow for building, so access from the city of Laszan, built around the mountain’s foot, is provided by an elaborate staircase, caved out of the rock, that twists around the side of the mountain in a single, massive spiral.
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