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Astrak Mountains

The Astrak Mountains separate the Zhis Badlands, and the rest of Zhisbon from the expanse of the Sonsuz desert. Because of the combined climates of the Desert on one side, and the Badlands on the other it is rare that any snow falls on the Astrak Mountains. Equally, had the Astrak Mountains been part of one of the larger mountain ranges in Turoza, such as the Eira-Gwyn or the Felsspitze, none of Astrak’s peaks would be counted amongst the top twenty, or even thirty largest. The two arid climates on either side also mean that the Astrak Mountains have very little vegetation on them and they are a desolate place to be stranded. Soldiers regularly patrol the Astrak Mountains as the range acts as a natural defensive barrier between Zhisbon and the Sultanate of Fashaddon. These soldiers will often treat anyone that they come across as miscreants trying to sneak into Zhisbon, even if those they discover have genuinely lost their way.
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