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Hidden deep under the Eira-Gwyn Mountains, the city of Ebenbirn spreads through the roots of the mountains themselves, giving little impression of the grandeur of its halls and houses beneath the ground.   As the capital of the Union of Mishtoon, Ebenbirn is the beating heart of the Union, and is the seat of the High King, his court and all of the Kingdom's major political and diplomatic infrastructure.


Because the city is entirely underground, only a fraction of the effort needed to go into defending a city of Ebenbirn's size above ground is needed below the surface to protect the capital. All of the underground highways that lead to Mishtoon are fitted out with large stone and metal gates that can be closed by the garrisons that protect them, and completely seal off the passage to the city.   The passages that lead up to Ebenbirn from its mines are similarly defended, to ensure that nothing untoward is able to creep, or fight its way up from the deeper recesses of the world and inflict itself upon the citizens of Ebenbirn.   As well as these physical defences, the city's position as the capital of the Union and seat of the High King means that there is a substantial garrison, made up of the Royal Guard who are specifically dedicated to protecting the High King and the city. The Royal Guard is made up of Dwarves who have forsaken their ties to their Clans and whose only allegiance is to the crown.

Industry & Trade

Ebenbirn has a large and flourishing mining industry that is located beneath the habitation level of the city, and where the majority of its population work. This industry produces a wealth of base metals, such as iron, copper, tin and nickel, along with a much smaller supply of precious metals and gems.


Ebenbirn is the centre of the nexus of tunnels and passages that the dwarves have carved through the mountain rock. This means that there are no major points of access, save for a handful of hidden postern gates and secret passages that link Ebenbirn to the world above the ground. Nevertheless, the bustling underground highways mean the the city is supplied with ample provision and resources to sustain its population, and this road network is perfectly suited for taking the mineral wealth extracted from Ebenbirn's mines and distributing them to other areas of the Union.
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