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Eira-Gwyn Mountains

Stretching from the border with the Republic of Castar in the west across Turoza to the shores of the Estrill Ocean to the East, the Eira-Gwyn Mountains act as a natural barrier between the north and the south of the continent of Turoza, and their position has afforded the Dwarves of the Union of Mishtoon great strategic advantage due to its position.


The Eira-Gwyn Mountains are incredibly tall, and they overshadow the Uzkesh Mountains that make up their very western edge. Indeed, the Dwarves of Mishtoon refer to the Uzkesh Mountains as the ‘foothills’, due to their uniformly smaller stature. A large portion of the Eira-Gwyn Mountains are permanently covered with snow, which has always been the case in the recorded history of the people of the Union of Mishtoon, which call the mountains home. Indeed, there is a legend in Mishtoon that the highest peaks of the Eira-Gwyn are so cold, that even the fire of the Ancient Red Dragon, Vrexal was not enough to thaw out a single peak. Further down, the slopes of the Eira-Gwyn are cloaked with a thick layer of pine forest that clings to the mountain sides, and proves almost impenetrable in the mountain valleys that cut through the range. The base of these valleys often contains clay deposits, that are heavily exploited by Mishtoon. Beneath the mountains rich veins of iron, copper and tin can be found, but very few veins of precious metal are to be found in the Eira-Gwyn. Gold extracted from the two deposits known to the Dwarves of Mishtoon is seen as incredibly precious, much more than their value as a raw commodity. As a result Eira-Gwyn gold is never consciously exported from the Union, and is used to manufacture items exclusively for the court of the High King/Queen. Only three passes cut through the Eira-Gwyn, and only one of those, Carreg Pass is open all year round. Access to the other two, Cul Pass and Rhewi Pass is very dependant upon the weather, and in bad winters Rhewi Pass might only be accessible for a month at the most.


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