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Kubra Mountains

Rising out of the sands of the Sonsuz Desert, the Kubra Mountains are one of the only reliable landmarks in the whole of the Sultanate of Fashaddon. When great systems of dunes have been blown away and oases and settlements swallowed by the desert, the Kubra Mountains have endured.


The Kubra Mountains are noticeably squatter than their counterparts across Turoza, and millennia of being buffeted by desert winds and sands have left their slopes relatively smooth, and their tops quite rounded, much at odds with the jagged peaks of the Esbalt Mountains to the south, their nearest neighbours. They are as well noticeably greener than their surroundings, with a plethora of small, hardy, trees and shrubs clinging to their sides, their deep root systems tapping into the moisture held in the mountain rock. The Kubra Mountains are know in the Sultanate of Fashaddon as the beating heart of the desert. Up and down the mountain range, aqueducts have been driven into the slopes like spears, piercing the rock to reach the plentiful springs that are nestled deep within the mountains. This water is then funnelled through the enclosed aqueduct system to the towns and cities of the Sultanate to shore up the limited supplies that the desert oases can bring. A large portion of this water is sent straight to the capital, Vaháyer, to provide water for the many decorative and functional fountains that litter the city.   It is not just water that is found in the Kubra Mountains. Deep veins of gold and silver were discovered there whilst searching for water, and these precious metals are mined intensively by the Sultanate, to support the lavish lifestyle of the Sultan themselves, and to help buy crops and other food stuffs that are needed by the desert kingdom.
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