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Safir Sea

Encompassing the area off the southern coast of the Sultanate of Fashaddon, and the western coast of the Emirate of Taqwal, the Safir Sea is relatively shallow, warm area of sea that is renowned for how clear its water are. The sea is also the perfect breeding ground for fish, which turn up in huge numbers throughout the year to breed. As a result, the Safir Sea is a prime fishing ground, with large fishery fleets from Fashaddon and Taqwal being based along its coastline. The Safir Sea’s positioning, in what is still contested water between Fashaddon and Taqwal, means that the sea has been the site of numerous naval battles between the two nations. The clarity of the water means that wrecks from previous engagements are clearly visible on the seabed, and there is a growing trade along the coast of Taqwal in wreck-combing to salvage valuable items.
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