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Salkhin Hills

In the north of the Kingdom of Sharisar, rising out of the sea of grass all around them are the Salkhin Hills. Unlike the grasslands of the Övsnii Sea that surround them, the Salkhin Hills are barren of all but the scrubbiest of vegetation, as the strong winds that continually batter the hillsides sweeps away anything that isn’t hardy and deeply rooted. Circling the tops of the Salkhin Hills are numerous scavenging birds, and occasionally larger beasts, that ride the air currents that swirl around the hilltops. The birds are drawn to the Salkhins, as the area is where Sharisians traditionally bring their dead. In Sharisar, the dead are not buried, but are instead excarnated, left in the open to be reclaimed by nature, and the carrion birds and beasts inhabit the area so that they can feast on the corpses left there.   The Salkhin Hills are kept watch over by the Wardens of the Dead, who ensure that due deference and respect are shown by all sapient visitors to the dead in the area, and to try to discourage the presence of so many corpses and bones from attracting those with less respectful interests at heart. The Wardens of the Dead also protect the sacred hills from being themselves exploited. Although an ancient royal decree still remains in force, guaranteeing the sanctity of the Salkhin Hills, and forbidding any from prospecting in the area, rumours that the hills harbour rich veins of gold attract prospectors from across Turoza, who want to strike lucky.
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