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Övsnii Sea

A vast swathe of grassland that stretches out across the middle of the continent of Turoza, the Övsnii Sea is the heart of the Kingdom of Sharisar. The region is often described as if it were a body of water, as the bluish-green hue of the grass can give the impression of the plains as being covered in water, and the movement of the grass in the wind has been known to make foreign travellers in the region nauseous. For those who cannot read the landscape, the Övsnii Sea can be an incredibly dangerous place, and people have been known to wander through the grasslands for years, unable to regain their bearings amongst the tall grass.


The grass that makes up the Övsnii Sea can grow to be incredibly tall, and can regularly reach heights of over 6ft, and some Sharisians have claimed that the grass can grow tall enough to cover a standing adult Ogre. The height of the grass can make the overall landscape of the Övsnii Sea appear incredibly flat and featureless, but the grasslands hide a large number of waterways that are often only visible once you are standing in them. Here and there small clumps of yew and birch trees can be found, their tall thin trunks struggling to keep above the level of the grass. Being caught between the Eira-Gwyn Mountains to the south and the Uplands of Ara to the north means that the area of the Övsnii Sea is a natural funnel for the weather that rolls in from the Estrill Ocean. Storms frequently move across the area, and there is an incredibly high amount of rainfall in Övsnii Sea, which contributes to the voracious way in which the grass there grows.   The grasslands are the perfect place to rear cattle, horses, sheep and bison, and large groups of them are to be found being herded by the Sharisian Caravans that move freely across the landscape. The grasslands can also support large herds of wild animals, which in turn are hunted by the Sharisians for their pelts and horns, and attract all manner of other predatory beasts the Sharisians would not like to encounter.


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