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Esbalt Mountains

The silhouette of the Esbalt Mountains is immediately recognisable, with its jagged, pointed mountain peaks reminiscent of a mouthful of dragon’s teeth. The mountains’ slopes are littered with loose rocks and gravel, making them incredibly hard to navigate for all but the most experienced mountaineers. The northern side of the Esbalt Mountains is almost completely denuded of vegetation, where the edge of Sonsuz Desert abruptly comes to a halt against them. In many places on this northern edge, large sand dunes have formed over centuries, as the harsh desert winds drives the sand up the slopes. The southern, section of the Esbalt Mountains, which stretches down into the Vermell Peninsula, houses a large plateau entirely taken up by salt flats, which provide a lucrative source of income for the Emirate of Taqwal. The Esbalt Mountains are also a key source of mineral resources, iron especially. The impassable and inhospitable nature of the Esbalt Mountains makes them a prime asset in the defence of the Emirate of Taqwal from its aggressive neighbour, Fashaddon to the north. A network of forts is embedded at regular intervals, embedded amongst the peaks of the Esbalt Mountains, and providing over watch on the Emirate’s border. The only road that has been carved through the Esbalt Mountains runs through the Estret Pass is heavily guarded. The Sultanate of Fashaddon has lost many men attempting to storm the Estret Pass, or force their way across the mountains at perceived weak points. Now the bones of those men are left to bleach in the sun amongst the mountain tops.
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