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The Glass Fields

A forbidding and inhospitable landscape, the polished smoothness of the Glass Fields is a virtual desert, high up in the mountains. Travellers there risk being blinded as the sun mercilessly reflects of the landscape; risk falling into one of the many lava streams, or baking mud pits; or simply risk dying of starvation or thirst trying to get to the relative safety of the surrounding mountains.
Extract from Maximilian Hoherberg von Zottehal’s History of the Known World.   The Glass Fields, located high up in the eastern Eira-Gwyn Mountains stretch from the eastern slopes of the forbidding volcano, Tân Peak all the way to the shores of the Estrill Ocean. The area is named the Glass Fields as the wasteland is an enormous expanse of obsidian, said to have been created when Tân Peak first became an active volcano. According to the Mishtoonian legend of Vrexal & Jôc, when the Red Dragon Vrexal, finally immolated himself in his rage and died, Tân Peak exploded in an enormous wave of lava that engulfed the mountain plateau to the east, and as it was then the depths of winter, the lava cooled so rapidly, it turned into obsidian.


The Glass Fields are an enormous barren expanse predominantly comprised of obsidian, created when Tân Peak became an active volcano. In both the sun light and moonlight shine on the fields, the whole area is a collage of blacks, blues and purples as the light reflects and shines off the volcanic glass.   Although the area of the Glass Fields is not nearly as high as the surrounding Eira-Gwyn Mountains, it is difficult and treacherous terrain to move through as the obsidian is full of pits, pot-holes and sharp jagged edges.   In addition, the Fields are dotted with pools of boiling mud, that is connected to the geothermal network of the volcano, and these pools often vent poisonous gases into the air. Streams and rivers of lave also cut through the landscape, travelling down from the volcano to the shores of the Estrill Ocean. Where the Glass Fields meet the ocean, a constant mist of steam where the lava flows meet the water.

Fauna & Flora

Nothing natural grows on the Glass Fields, as no plant is able to bed its roots into the obsidian floor, which proves too inhospitable even for mosses or lichen to grow on it.   The only creatures that call this place home are Elementals. Air Elementals flourish in the bleak landscape where the wind is constantly raging, either blowing down from the surrounding peaks of the Eira-Gwyn Mountains, or roaring up the wasteland from the shores of the Estrill Ocean. Fire Elementals and Lava Elementals can also be found in the region, though their movements and territories are normally restricted to the streams and rivers of lava that wend their way through the landscape, whilst the boiling mud pits that pock mark the landscape are often the homes of Mud Elementals.

Natural Resources

Despite its desolate and forbidding nature, the Glass Fields attract groups prospectors and hunters, predominantly from Union of Mishtoon, but also from further afield down from the mountains, looking to gather obsidian or Elemental Hearts, which are exported far and wide from the Union to make art objects, and delicate surgical blades, in the case of the obsidian, and to go into the creation of magical items in the case of Elemental Hearts.   Whilst the extracting of obsidian is hard, gruelling work, it is by far the safer of the two, though it still has its risks out on the exposed Glass Fields. As the collection of Elemental Hearts requires the active hunting of Elementals, only the truly brave or desperate take up that charge, with only the truly dimwitted or greedy returning to the Glass Fields to undertake more than one hunting trip.
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