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Vrexal & Jôc

The tale of Vrexal & Jôc is intrinsically tied to Tân Peak and the story behind the awakening of the volcano.


Mishtoonian legend, the volcano Tân Peak is said to have come into being when an Ancient Red Dragon named Vrexal, was challenged into proving his strength and the intense heat of his flames, of which he was always boasting by the Dwarf trickster god Jôc.   Vrexal would loudly proclaim that he was mightier than any being that had ever existed, whether mortal or divine, and the other Dwarven gods and goddesses that dwelt in the Eira-Gwyn Mountains, where Vrexal had decided to set up his home, had grown tired of the dragons endless self-promoting. However, they were all concerned that Vrexal was actually strong enough to defeat any of them in open combat, and rather than risk their divine status by challenging Vrexal to single combat, they collectively decided to teach the red dragon humility through trickery and intrigue.   Jôc challenged Vrexal to try to melt the snow from the top of Tân Peak, to prove how much mightier he was than nature itself. For days, Vrexal engulfed Tân Peak in flames, little knowing that Jôc had charmed the mountain top to resist the heat. Finally, after nearly a week of effort, Jôc finally let slip his prank to the Dragon, before promptly disappearing to avoid Vrexal’s wrath.   Enraged beyond all reason, Vrexal tore the top of Tân Peak away with this teeth and claws, and melted the rock with his flames. Eventually his trail of destruction brought him to the heart of the mountain, where he collapsed and died from exhaustion, and from that day on Tân Peak became a volcano. The Dwarves of Mishtoon still believe that Vrexal’s malign spirit resides in the heart of Tân Peak, and the lava that erupts from the volcano is his dragon fire, exploding forth to try and catch Jôc in its path.


Because of the Union of Mishtoon's strong links with the other nations of Turoza through trade, and also through the presence of Dwarves in every nation of the continent, Vrexal & Jôc is a well known allegorical tale told by many different sapient species.

In Art

The tale of Vrexal & Jôc is often depicted in art, especially art centred around children, as the tale is often told by parents to ward children away from being too boastful. As a result depictions of the myth are often found decorating the walls of wealthy families nurseries and children's bedrooms.
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