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Estrill Ocean

The Estrill Ocean is the name given to the expanse of water that stretches up the entire eastern coast of Turoza and separates that continent from Tafran further to the east. The ocean is undoubtedly navigable, as the Hobgoblins who founded the nation of Korinthos originated from the continent of Tafran, and prior to their settlement in Turoza, had been known to send raiding parties across the water to Turoza. The Estrill Ocean is, however, notorious for the storm systems that it generates which frequently lash against the coasts of Turoza and cause all manner of havoc.     It is for this reason that the inhabitants of Turoza have shown little interest in attempting to cross the Estrill Ocean, as it seems to them like a fool’s errand. The ships of the nations of Turoza are, on the whole built for traversing coastal waters, as opposed to open ocean, so it is unlikely that they would get enough of a weather gap to make a seamless crossing of the Estrill Ocean, let alone be able to get back. The Hobgoblins of Korinthos, however, build ships that are specifically designed for ocean-going travel, and are reputed to regularly send deputations back to their homeland across the water. Given that the other nations of Turoza have little or no, diplomatic contact with Korinthos, it is unlikely that they will be given an easy route across the Estrill Ocean.
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