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Uplands of Ara

Expanse of gently rolling hills that stretches across the continent of Turoza north of the border with the Kingdom of Sharisar. The area is the homeland of the city-state of Aramore, now incorporated into the joint Kingdom of Dazscor & Aramore.


The Uplands of Ara are a network of hills that rolls pleasingly across the landscape, with wooded valleys nestled amongst the hills where innumerable small rivers and streams that crisscross the valley floors. The area has become the heart of the Joint Kingdom’s viticulture industry, with vineyards covering many of the slopes. Large tracts of the Uplands of Ara have also been set aside as the Royal Hunting grounds of the Aramorian dynasty, with the area being famous for the amount of game that thrives and multiplies on the well grassed and wooded slopes.
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