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Deytet Savannah

Traveling from the northern extremities of the Sonsuz desert, entering the Deytet Savannah can feel like entering a different world. Where once had been nothing but sand is instead a sprawling landscape of trees and grasses, home to a multitude of animals and the Tribal peoples referred to as the ‘Free States’ by the ret of Turoza. Despite its much more abundant outward appearance compared to the Desert to the south, the Deytet Savannah is still an incredibly difficult place to eke out a living, and the people who live here need to be incredibly tough, hardy and cunning to survive.


The Deytet Savannah is predominantly mixed wood-grassland with the areas tree density actually being fairly high, but with the canopies of the trees not being large or close enough to form a continuous cover, the ground is thickly carpeted with a wide range of grasses. For the most part the area of the Deytet Savannah is relatively flat, though there are a number of gorges that cut through the landscape, carved by the large rivers that appear suddenly across the Deytet during the rainy season. The late summer months are classed as the rainy season in the Deytet and during this time of year the area experiences about 80% of its annual rainfall. For the rest of the year relatively little rain falls across the Deytet, and this is one of the reasons why the Tribal peoples who reside there often say in hushed whispers that a single dry year would turn the whole savannah into desert.

Fauna & Flora

In terms of its flora, the Deytet is a mixed woodland-grassland area, where a variety of large trees and shrubs coexist and create a single coverage of flora with species of long grasses. The trees of the Deytet are normally quite widely dispersed, with large canopies, though the tree density of the area is actually surprisingly high. The distance between the trees, however, is what has allowed the many types of grass to form lush meadows all across the landscape. All of the Savannah’s plants are well adapted to living for long periods of time without water, and when viewed from above, the whole region will fluctuate from being a golden brown colour during the dry season, to a vibrant, lush green during and after the rainy season.   Aside from the tribal peoples that live and move across the area of the Deytet, Savannah, the area is awash with life. The region is home to large herds of zebra, wildebeest and buffalo as well as populations of different gazelles, warthogs, giraffes, various types of monkeys and is also home to a strong populations of elephants. Of course, this concentration of prey animals also means that there are numerous predators that live in the region, including lions, cheetahs, leopards, wild dogs, and other more monstrous creatures. All in all, the immense biodiversity of the region means that the Deytet is one of the prime areas for people to look to trap animals, which are then sold far and wide as exotic pets and curiosities.


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