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Entitentrigans Guide to Practical Magics

Entitentrigans Guide to Practical Magics, written by a Gnommish mage of the same name, is a simple how-to guide on basic magical theory and research practices. Containing several low level spells, the publication is widely considered the cause of the recent boom of small time mages who remain unaffiliated with any of the major established arcane guilds.

Document Structure


The Guide contains sections covering most schools of magic, as well as a few over tangential disciplines such as alchemy and rune-crafting.


Some spell components used in the book are recipes for the authors earlier and lesser known publication, Entitentrigans Guide to Delicious Soup Stocks.

Publication Status

In cities where it is legal, the book is often found in most book stores, and sometimes in local arcana shops. Where it is illegal, however, copies can often be acquired through smugglers or the underground black markets.

Legal status

Several high ranking Mage guilds and collectives have deemed the publication to be both a danger to the public and to their own buisnesses, a few being influencial enough to have the book banned in some kingdoms

The book is outright banned in the Theocracy of New Thrain, as is the outward expression of most magics. Being found with a copy is often ground for immediate execution.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

The guide was quick to sell out of its first run of publication, and as word spread across the continent, orders for the book flooded into the small publication house in Freeport where it was being printed.


The guide is largely responsible for the flourishing of magics in everyday life, bringing the basics of the arcane arts away from the mage guilds that used to hoard the information for themselves.

Guide, How-to

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