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The large independent town of Freeport lies along the western coast of Thea, east of the Alfar Strait. The town is founded near the only fresh water aquifer close to waters deep enough for a trading port along the coast of The Gold Plains, making it an almost necessary stopover for any ships sailing the northern and southern kingdoms.


Being a melting pot of a city and a major stopover for merchant ships plying the western coast of Thea, Freeport contains a great variety of races and ethnicity. It is not impossible for exiled elven nobility to brush elbows with well to do teifling merchants.


On the surface, Freeport is run by a council of elected representatives. However the rampant corruption of the city ensures that every member is being bribed by at least one less than reputable organization based in the city.


To most it would seem as though Freeport is an undefended town on the coast. No walls mark its borders, no guard towers look out for danger, and the local police force is a farce at best. However, the few pirate captains that have been either bold or stupid enough to try and claim the town as theirs have quickly found that the local populace acts as a very well fed and well supplied militia in the event that their homes are under threat.


The buildings of Freeport are usually a cobbled together amalgam of any materials that the builder could get their hands on at the time. This may range from mud bricks fasioned from the surrounding dirt, pieces of shipwrecks, to even rare stones and woods traded by passing merchants. A few of the extremely wealthy members of the populace have invested in importing specific materials for their residences, usually at great expense.

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