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An Introduction to Magic, vol. I-III

A collection of books about magic and how to use it


"Well, after the Steel Wardens were dissolved, it was hard finding how to move on. Fortunately, my passion for magic and the lack of introductory documents in the area fitted like a pair of gloves on my hands."
— Muriel Proulx, during an interview

The "An Introduction to Magic" book collection, by Muriel Proulx, is an acclaimed series written throughout the last decade about the basics of magic. The writer herself gained a lot of fame and infamy since the publishing of the first volume and the controversy with the Arcane Development Program.


Being a powerful caster who once worked for the Steel Wardens, Proulx saw the opportunity to use her knowledge to make magic more accessible. She marketed her first book as an easy-to-understand guide to magic to those who want to learn, but can't get a grip on the more academic books available.

Document Structure

Publication Status


Historical Details


Under the rule of King Abraham II, Archana began to change its ideas of national defence. The Steel Wardens, once the main line of defense in the Kingdom, were disbanded, not long after the Arcane Development Program started. The ADP was formalizing the study of magic, and most of the last few remaining Wardens were at a loss about their future.

The creation of the ADP eventually brought up a problem that Muriel Proulx, one of the ex-Wardens, was unhappy with: all the information about magic in Archana was concentrated in their hands, making it difficult for the common Archani to learn the art.

Guide, How-to
Authoring Date
487 AE

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