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The multiethinic people from Archana


"The people of Archana is suffering. They are strong, but someone needs to do something about this!"
— Robin Maine, Princess of Archana

Archana is a small kingdom, but a great one nonetheless. Its location, its culture, its wealth and its history have attracted many people from lands far and near, shaping its people and their traditions. For this reason, it's somewhat hard to describe the Archani as a single unified group, since a lot in their culture changes from place to place. Still, they are most accepting people, welcoming, proud and patriotic.

The recent expansion of territory annexed the Hub Lands to Archana, a region with a different culture and influences than the Heartland. Therefore, the Archani are often called "Heartlanders", while those from the Hub Lands are the Rovers.

Naming traditions

The mixed origin of the Archani people makes their naming pretty varied. Most names and family names originate from nearby cultures, such as former French and English. Artalgnian names can be found too, as oftentimes refugees escape from the Empire to find respite in Archana. While sort of rare, there are a few names from other cultures as well, such as Hrastgar that is known to have roots from the northernmost parts of the continent.


Culture and cultural heritage

The Archani have had long periods of conflict in their history. Nouvemond against Hrastgar, the Nation against pirate raids, Arcanopia against Artalgne, Archana against invaders; but if anything, this taught them to unite. They believe strongly in their potential when working together, complimenting each others' differences, which shapes their culture.

Another central part of their beliefs is magic. Unlike most cultures surrounding their kingdom, the Archani people not only accept but embrace magic; it has been a necessary tool for their development in every aspect. The use of magic in the Archani culture is very common: from the powering of work tools, to combat and daily tasks, using simple magic has become second nature to the Archani. Still, as most of them are Humans, it is not the majority who can use magic. Most people either cannot or can only do the simplest tricks such as lighting a candle.

The Archani's mixed heritage, together with this liberal approach to the subject of magic, has attracted many magic users seeking refuge, which all played their part in making the Archani a very hospitable people.

Historical figures

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  • Raymond Vilennor is probably the most important figure from the earliest days of the land. He led a scouting group around the surrounding area in order to find resources for the war against Hrastgar and died of a mysterious poisoning after finding The Veins, the cave system that would come to be the reason behind Archana's prosperity.

  • Lady Amice Lionhart was the founding mother of her family, who earned the nickname of Lionheart after she lead the rebellion and successfully drove Artalgne away from the land, founding the Kingdom of Archana. She was, and is, a symbol of persistence and freedom to the Archani.

  • Kendra Geoffe was a blacksmith who devoted herself entirely to her craft. She was one of the first on a global scale to discover the art of forging magical items, which contributed greatly to Archana's golden days. It is said that, when she died, her devotion was so great that her soul bonded with her tools, creating the legendary Kendra's Toolbox.

  • King Charles Maine was the first king of Archana, after the liberation from Artalgne. He was Amice's right arm and adoptive brother, taking her place as ruler of the land once she turned down the offer. He made his mark by successfully uniting the whole region through diplomacy after regaining its independence while helping to create the impenetrable defenses the kingdom is known for.

  • Cyrus Dunstan was the engineer and architect behind the construction of Fort Edgemourn as it is today. Through years of gathering knowledge, fervorous studying and theoretical testing, he devised the defenses of Edgemourn with the help of the King, a fortress that would never be breached thereafter. He is also responsible for the aesthetics of Vilennor and Nouvemond.

Major organizations

  • The Kingdom of Archana is the governing body of the land, which lends its name to the people.

  • The Church of Tiamat's Way is an independent branch of the Artalgnian religion, brought to the kingdom during its colonization, that was adapted to accept Archana's views on magic.

  • While actually a family, the Lionharts play a major role in Archana's management and history. Many members of this family served the kingdom in notable away, such as counselors, strategists, military commanders and more.

  • The Craftsmen Guild at Vilennor is responsible for working the metals and gems extracted through mining operations at The Veins. They alone produce most of the wealth the kingdom needs, as their expert craftsmanship, together with the rare materials they use, are of high demand abroad.

  • The Traveling Notes is a central cultural symbol for the people of Hrastgar, and also has a branch in the capital, Nouvemond. They are responsible for recording and spreading Archana's history, and keeping alive the tales and legacy of the heroes of new and old.

  • Although the Steel Wardens were disbanded, they were nonetheless very important in the Archani's history. They played a major part in the fight to liberate Archana from Artalgne's clutches, and for the next 2 centuries served as the kingdom's defenders at Edgemourn, driving away any and every army that tried to invade Archana.

  • The Silent Blades had also been part of the rebellion and are still in operation, although their existence is unknown to the people. They are assassins for hire used by the government to eliminate threats to peace and order.

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