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Arcane Development Program

Research and development of new magical technologies


"Progress. That's what we aim for. Magic is our future."
— Claire Branwen, Magus of the ADP

Born from the insecurities of King Abraham II, the Arcane Development Program was conceived as a way to stimulate the discovery of new magical laws and creation of new technologies in order to better defend the Kingdom of Archana.


The Archmagus, currently Dorothy Phadrig, is the head of the organization and every project needs her approval and is supervised by her. Every other Magi are either new students, veteran researchers, or teachers and instructors. As expected, the students answer directly to their teachers, while the researchers are more independent and answer only to the Archmagus herself.

Public Agenda

King Abraham II wanted to leave his mark in History, and for that, he decided to take the most out of the Kingdom's greatest advantage: Magic. To do that, he conceived the ADP, a way for the Kingdom to focus investments and researches on the matter.

Founding Date
478 AE
Corporation, Research & Development
Alternative Names
s. Magus; pl. Magi
Parent Organization
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