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Researchers for the Arcane Development Program


"Magic is a wonderful thing. To think that it is all around us... Inside us... How could I not be enthralled by such an amazing concept?
A world of possibilities before us... yet some think this is heresy. I was lucky to be born here, in Archana. This opportunity was given to me, so it is my duty to find ways to use magic to help those who need, and show to those who doubt it the good it can do."
— Claire Branwen, Magus of the ADP

The Kingdom of Archana has faced many trials in its history, and there is no arguing magic has been its greatest ally. Aiming to use that advantage to its fullest, King Abraham II devised the Arcane Development Program, a way to incite the work on new magical technologies through the deep understanding of its workings. Those who join the ADP have the opportunity to become masters of the art and science of magic known as Magi.



No level of study is required of those who are to become magi, as long as the person is talented in the use of magic, showing an instinctive understanding of its workings. Everything else they need to learn will be provided to them, even if they lack the most basic pieces of knowledge, such as literacy. Otherwise, if the aspirer shows no particular skill in magic they are never accepted, as even if they were taught the advanced theories of magic, it could all be for naught as they may still not be able to weave aether.

The only exception to this rule is the recent case of Claire Branwen, a teenage girl with no magical skill whatsoever who was able to persuade her way into the ADP thanks to her extraordinary intellect. Still, her case is not known to the public, as much of what happens in the ADP is confidential anyway.

Payment & Reimbursement

There is no direct payment for the magi, but all their worldly and academic needs are provided for them since they live and breathe for the ADP, in the towers that are granted to each of them.



The magi, along with the ADP, were created in order to study and decipher the secrets of magic, and so be able to devise and produce new technologies to help the kingdom to grow and defend itself against foreign threats.

Social Status

The magi are regarded as a prestigious profession, lately even more so than the Smiths of the Craftsmen Guild. It is considered an honor to be able to work in the ADP, where one may find new ways to defend and help the nation grow. As a consequence, this profession is a dream to many, but only a few have the necessary skills to be accepted.

Alternative Names
Magi (plural)
Research / Scientific
High - but qualified candidates are rare
Famous in the Field
Other Associated professions
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Ranks & Titles

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