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Head of the Arcane Development Program


"My dear magus... Don't forget to report back only to me anything you find, hm? Your work is way too important to the kingdom for it to fall in the wrong hands..."
— Dorothy Phadrig, Archmagus of the ADP

As a means to develop new ways to defend and bring progress to the Kingdom of Archana, King Abraham II created the Arcane Development Program. And among the Magi in the ADP, the Archmagus is in charge of the direction the studies take.


There are no formal requirements to become an archmagus as only a single person is hand-picked, but the candidate must be highly intelligent, be inquisitive by nature, skilled on magic and be in concordance with the King's objectives.


Only the King has the final say about who's got to be the next archmagus, although the previous archmagus' opinion is held with high regard, as it is they who closely inspect each of the magi and picks their favorites.


The Archmagus is responsible for the supervision of the researches the other magi are conducting and guiding them whenever they need it. They may assign researches and reorganize the magi and are also the spokesperson to the ADP.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Insubordination and treason are certainly the most obvious ways for one to get stripped of the title. Still, any reason is as good as the next since the King has direct authority over the Archmagus.

Cultural Significance

For the Archani, the Archmagus is the absolute authority in the matter of magic in the kingdom, a person of great intelligence and wisdom.

Notable Holders

The first and only holder of this title since the creation of the ADP is Dorothy Phadrig.

Academic, Professional
In effect
479 AE
Source of Authority
Granted by the King/Queen
Length of Term
Lifelong (or until stripped)
First Holder
Current Holders
Reports directly to
Related Locations
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