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Magic users


"I'm sorry if that sounds too much prejudice for you, but I'm judging your character by the fact you can't use magic."
— Alwer Deepsea, Captain of the Maelstrom

With the coming of Aether to Aequus, people have learned they can use magic to control the elements. In theory, everyone is able to use magic, but some can do it naturally and some find it to be too difficult to cast the most basic spells. These few who have a knack for the art are called Wizards.



While some say that one needs to have at least an intermediate skill in magic to be considered a wizard, in reality, having even the most basic level of skill in magic is enough to classify one as such.

Payment & Reimbursement

While being a "wizard" is a huge umbrella term for any and all professions that make use of magic, which makes their payment vary wildly, it is a fact that being able to use magic instantly adds value worker, resulting in better pays than the average, non-wizard workers.


Social Status

Wizards are enveloped in controversy. Each different culture treats them differently, some praising, some despising them. In the Kingdom of Archana, wizards are welcome, their work is appreciated as magic is intrinsic to their culture. In the Artalgnian Empire however, magic is profane, it is strictly prohibited in every aspect by their Church, and any who dares to use it will be hunted by the Envoys of Tiamat. In Krenjor they are not forbidden, but they are unappreciated, as only physical strength is valued as true strength, and wizard are often seen with suspicion, as tricksters and plotters.

Welfenbach uses wizards as slaves to power their machines; in Drakia the power belongs to the most powerful with magic; and in the Kaldarian Desert being a wizard is a matter of survival.


Among magical races such as Elves and Dwarves, the rate of wizard is nearly 100%. Among pure Humans though, the rate goes below 20%, as the naturals are rare and few bother to dedicate to the necessary training.

Alternative Names
Caster; Mage
Archana: Legal; Regulated
Artalgne: Prohibited
Krenjor: Legal
Welfenbach: Legal; Highly regulated
Drakia: Legal
Kaldar: Legal
Other Associated professions
Ranks & Titles
Related Materials

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