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Kaldarian Deserts

The scorching and mysterious lands of the middle East


"The world will never really know the things we've seen. Kaldar is a beautiful and dangerous place. I am glad we were strong enough to have the honor of surviving such trials."
— Ol' Deepsea, former Captain of the Maelstrom

The vast deserts at the divide of the 3 main continents, Kaldar is a land of mysteries, magic, and death. Many stories tell of forgotten treasures, ancient magic, and otherworldly creatures that hide in the sands, of those who tried to explore these arid lands and never returned. The few information the West has of Kaldar, is mostly thanks to Ol' Deepsea, a pirate Rover known to have triumphed over the deserts of Kaldar, who travelled through those lands and left alive with his entire crew to tell the story.

Alternative Name(s)

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