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Rare gemstone that can store magic easily

Special thanks to Rosana Dos Santos Pinto for helping with the brainstorming for this article


"Hey, take one of these gems, strap it to your weapons aaaaand BOOM! Flame sword!"
— Street Fox, Thief of Legend

A rare gemstone that is found in abundance inside The Veins, Magicite has magical properties that highlights it from the others of its kind. It can absorb aether more easily, and for that it is often used in Spellforging for a variety of utilities.


Material Characteristics

When found in its natural state magicite is crystal-clear, not unlike a diamond, but without its shine. But it is easy to distinguish magicite from other gems as it has the unique trait of changing its color when absorbing aether. It may become red when charged with Fire magic, black with Dark, blue with Water, etc.


While various materials can be charged with aether, only magicite absorbs it as easy as cloth absorbs liquid. Because of this, the spellforging ritual becomes much quicker, easier, and less tiring, making it the ideal object to use for that.

Geology & Geography

There are a few deposits of magicite throughout the world, but the largest one are The Veins of the Bashmu Mountain Range, in Archana.

Life & Expiration

It highly depends on the charge given to the gem, its size, and the nature of the spell, but normally a sphere of 10 cm of diameter can last around 150 hours of continuous use.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Where they are easy to acquire, the most common usage of magicite is as light sources, heaters, and coolers. But they can also be found as storages of spells for adventurers and whatever creative uses one can find.

Manufacturing & Products

Magicites are often used as parts of jewelry and battle equipment to make carrying them more easily and for aesthetic.

Reusability & Recycling

There is no known limit to reuse a magicite. They can be recharged as many times as needed.


Trade & Market

Magicite is rather costly around the world, but pretty cheap in Archana, since it can be easily found there. The Archani are the greatest exporter of magicite for this reason.


There aren't any special cares needed to store magicite, though to preserve the magic contained in them, one should be wary of placing the gems near other bodies of aether, such as a fire, that can slowly drain a gem of its power.
Very rare. It can be easily found only inside The Veins, in Archana.
Crystal-clear (changes color depending on absorbed aether)
Common State
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Mined from The Veins
Various uses through Spellforging

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