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A ritual to enhance weapons and other items with limited magic


"Kendra is not in the Circle of Heroes for nothing... You know how important this spellforging of hers makes our lives better. If it wasn't for her, we wouldn't have half of our comforts."
— an ex-smith from the Craftsmen Guild

One of the greatest discoveries in the current era, Spellforging not only changed warfare, exploration, and adventuring, but it also began a series of innovations in quality of life and other technologies. Through a ritual, a spellsmith can bind basic magic to gems and metallic objects, often weapons and armor but other things as well. Unlike Runeforging, the effects of spellforging are temporary, having limited uses before it needs to be recharged.

Access & Availability

While not especially rare, spellforging is rather expensive due to the effort required for the ritual and the rather uncommon availability of people who know how to perform it. Depending on the nature of the item and the magical effect, spellforged objects often cost from twice as much, to ten times the normal price.


Spellforging is the most basic magical technology, with only the raw use of magic being less complex. It is a basic element in runeforging, which can create many more complex and lasting effects.


With eight elements under a smith's toolbelt, there is a variety of uses a spellforged item can achieve, though not as many as other technologies. The classic flaming sword can be used to burn down the enemy, a frost shield to create large barriers to protect one's allies, but there are also crystals infused with light that can illuminate large rooms and gems that can cool down the environment. To create the intended effect, one needs to interact with the item using a little of their own aether to cause the magic to be expelled.


The ritual is simple but demanding of the person performing it. Through a session of meditation, one needs to channel their soul into the object, using the desired element, aiming to fill it with aether until it manifests the magic. This process uses part of the soul of the individual who is performing it, leaving them weak and exhausted, of course, depending on how trained they are. An unprepared person trying to do spellforging may find this ritual to be very dangerous, as they may need to spend more aether than their soul can provide.

Children Technologies
Kendra Geoffe
Access & Availability
Easy to find (in Archana), Medium-priced
The exact date is unknown, but sometime between the years of 93 and 98 AE, during one of her extensive and isolated study sections, Kendra Geoffe discovered that through a ritual she called "Spellforging" she could bind elemental effect in weapons and other objects. It is uncertain how she discovered this by, as she never properly described the ritual required. Other smiths tried to replicate the little she told them about it, and through trial and error, they successfully replicated the process but with a lesser result. The magical properties weren't permanent as Kendra could achieve and instead had a limited number of uses.

Today, the permanent enchantment that Kendra discovered is known to be achieved through the use of Runes and is called "Runeforging" instead.
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