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Rune Magic

Using the code of reality to weave it


"The ancient language of Dragons... To have to opportunity to harness it... Such an honor."
— Claire Branwen, Magus in the ADP

Aether is the thread that weaves reality - that much is known. What is not known is that it isn't only bendable through sheer will, but also through the language of Dragons. Rune magic is the use of this language to essentially code aether is such a way that it acts when and how the caster wants, opening up a nearly infinite array of new possibilities.


As a still recent discovery, rune magic has little to no practical use. But in theory, it opens up countless possibilities when implemented to daily technologies, as it is a codable form of magic that needs no caster to be used.

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Also, the Artalgnian Empire is currently finding way to use rune magic to cancel aether manipulation, essentially transforming nearby Wizard into common people. With this, the Tiamat's Crusaders may become a nearly unstoppable force against magic.


It is actually quite easy to use rune magic - the only things needed are a surface, such as paper or the floor, and something used to draw on it, often chalk. Still, a badly scribbled rune, maybe due of lack of dexterity or an irregular surface, may or may not cause the magic to fail, depending on how distorted the rune is. But the real difficulty comes from knowing the patterns, runes, and combinations necessary to create the desired effects. This requires a lot of study in order to use on the fly or to create custom effects.

Children Technologies
Claire Branwen
Access & Availability
The discovery of rune magic is fairly recent. For the last few months it has been kept a secret by the ADP and the Archmagus, and no one outside that circle and the King know of it.
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Actually, due to the agreement King Abraham II has struck with the Artalgnian Empire, he leaked information on the research for them. They are using it to develop a counter-magic rune, so they more easily fight magic users and eradicate them from the planet.

Miss Branwen volunteered to study some old runes found on ancient tech from before The Calamity, likely belonging to other Realms. After a night when she was experimenting translations and trying to copy some samples, she woke up to a screeching noise coming out of the piece of paper she drew the runes on, and it didn't stop until she tore it to pieces. Little did she know that those runes were, in fact, the language of dragons, and the pieces of code used to make the laws of reality.

This unintentional discovery lead to further studies and to the development of rune magic, a new technology that could change everything. Not only does it give non-casters a way to use magic, but it also opens up countless possibilities of new systems using unique and timed magic, unbound by the limitations of the elements.

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