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Metal workers of the Craftsmen Guild


"I love the work, y'know? But there's no way I'm going back to it. It was too harsh, and I can't do my thing without the approval of the Guild."
— an ex-smith from the Craftsmen Guild

One of the most iconic professions in the Kingdom of Archana, it is the Smiths who forge the wealth of the nation, making weapons, armors, and tools with special metals from The Veins to sell overseas.



Smiths learn their craft in practice. Anyone who is accepted into the Craftsmen Guild will be apprenticed by a veteran and learn all they need on spot. So, to become a smith one needs nothing but physical strength, patience, dedication, and passion.

Career Progression

After being accepted in the Guild, the newcomer joins as an apprentice, a kind of internship in which they are taught by different smiths how to work the material into weapons, through all the different stages of the process. As they begin to show more skill with a specific task, they are made to focus on that, honing their skill on that until they become a smith for good, but never forgoing the training on the other areas so they may change roles or fill in on needed tasks in the workshop.

During the first few years in the career after leaving the stage of apprenticeship, a smith can only work at the task they have specialized, making simple weapons, and later armors, for exportation. They may work on the grinders, hammering, forging, whatever they show proficiency during their internship. Then, if shown to have a knack for magic, they can later learn and work on weapon enchantment using Spellforging techniques. If they prove to be sociable enough, they may become instructors to new smiths and, shown enough skill and creativity, they can earn gradual freedom as they earn their fame to create anything they want however they want.

Payment & Reimbursement

A smith's pay is fixed, proportional to their role in the Guild. Apprentices don't earn any pay, as they are more of a burden to the Guild than an extra productive pair of hands. Independent of how many items they make of the role of the smith, everyone in the earliest stages of the profession earn the same. Spellforging and tutoring earn them a greater pay, and the greatest names, who have the freedom to work whatever they want together with a small team, are the ones that earn the most.



Hardly arguable, smiths are the most important profession in Archana. It is their weapons and armor that are sold abroad in order to make a great share of the kingdom's wealth. If it wasn't for their craft, Archana wouldn't have half of its resources, nor half of the equipment it uses in its defenses.

Social Status

Especially in Vilennor, smiths are regarded as some kind of elite, even though there is nothing of nobility to them. They are respected and looked up to by most of the locals, giving the Guild a great deal of influence in the city.


A staggering 30% of the people in Vilennor (and region) are smiths, not to mention those involved in the market in some other way. The seemingly limitless amount of resources in the Veins and the high demand from other nations attracted many archani to the trade, and together with the stable and guaranteed pay by the government, becoming a smith has been seen as a great deal for most people.



It depends on the role of the smith, but tools in this profession often include hammers of various sizes and shapes to mold metals, thongs to hold them without burning one's hands, grinding stones of various kinds to sharpen blades, stone power hammers moved by magic for heavier work, magic-powered furnaces to quickly heat the metal, and more.


The Guild supplies the smiths with commons steel, Adamantine and Mithril collected from the Veins, but there is also a small supply of gold, silver, and other metals used to make jewelry and the such.


The workshop of the Guild can only be described as a busy, noisy, fiery hell smelling smoke, iron, and sweat. Large galleries filled with humans and dwarves, each working their part, or bringing and taking materials and equipment around for someone else to work.

Provided Services

Smiths can also provide personal services too. After receiving the proper license from the Guild, a smith may leave to another town and open their own workshop, and work on making equipment on demand and repair items.

Dangers & Hazards

A widely discussed topic in the kingdom is the hazards of this line of work, especially in the Guild's workshop. The high temperatures and restless work cause many workers to pass out during business hours and even fall ill.

Alternative Names
High; Saturated
Archana: Legal; Highly regulated
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