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Craftsmen Guild

The largest society of workers in Archana, and the main source of wealth for the Kingdom


"I won't deny their accomplishments, lad, they have basically carried Archana on their back. But still, I must say this... the Guild needs to end. It doesn't have any purpose now."
— an ex-smith from the Craftsmen Guild

Surely the most internationally famous institution in Archana, the Craftsmen Guild is a union of smiths, miners, artisans, engineers, tinkerers, architects, carpenters, weavers, and all sorts of craftsmen. It is thanks to them that rare metals such as Mithril are extracted and worked into items of value to be sold abroad and make most of the wealth of the Kingdom.


Every profession within the Guild is divided into 3 ranks: Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master. Apprentices are assigned to a master craftsman to learn the way of the craft for a few years. When deemed worthy, the master may appoint the apprentice as a journeyman, who is then an official member of the Guild and will receive a much better payment. Still, a journeyman keeps working under a master, be it their old one, or a new one that accepts them. They may also start working on a masterpiece item, the ultimate display of their skill. Once submitted and approved by the Guild, the journeyman then becomes a master.

Public Agenda

The Guild was formed with the intent to better organize and incentivize the production of metalwork in Archana since the international demand for weapons and armor was big, and the Kingdom's special metals had a high value in the market. It also serves as a way to regulate the jobs involved, aiming to provide the workers with good working conditions and payments.


In the year of 72 AE, with the War of the Oaklands finally ended and the communities united, the Craftsmen Guild was founded aiming to give a boost by applying heavy investment to the metalworking market of Archana. Many smaller businesses were united under the flag of the Guild, and it only grew larger from there.

In 81 AE, Kendra Geoffe joined the Guild as an apprentice blacksmith. Her quick growth and inhuman dedication help boost the Guild's growth rate even further, especially when she discovered that one could infuse magic on items, the technique of spellforging. That only lasted until 130 AE though, when the Artalgnian Empire invaded Archana.

Under the new rule, the Guild's principles were practically undone. The workforce was turned into semi-slaves and all the fruits of their work were shipped directly to Artalgne. The Guild lost much of its ways and prestige during this time, until Archana was set free by the Resistance nearly 200 years later and King Charles revitalized it, bringing it to its old glory.

After that, the Guild steadily earned back its reputation across the continent and became again the main name behind the extraction and production of special equipment. But in recent decades, their performance began to drop, sales went down and the crisis in the Kingdom is only making it worse.

Founding Date
72 AE (Revitalized: 307 AE)
Guild, Craftsmen
s. Guild(wo)man; pl. Guild(wo)men
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