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Kendra Geoffe

Master magical blacksmith from the Craftsmen Guild

Kendra Geoffe (a.k.a. The Spellsmith)


"What she didn't do with her mouth, she did with her calloused hands."
— a quote from a blacksmith in the book ''Accounts on Kendra's Life''

Known as the "Mother of the Craftsmen Guild for inspiring the blacksmiths and the whole Guild to become what they are today, Kendra Geoffe, the Spellsmith, was an exceptional craftswoman and the discoverer of Spellforging, a ritual to infuse basic magic into mundane items. Thanks to that, Archana was able to both sell more items overseas for more profit, and have a better weaponry to defend themselves from incoming threats.

Due to her importace for the Guild and the Kingdom of Archana as a whole, she earned a place in the Circle of Heroes as a Hero of Archana.

Divine Domains

Smithing, Rituals, Focus

Known as "The Spellsmith" in the Circle, Kendra was recognized by her dedication and innovations in her craft, in special the discovery of techniques to infuse magic in items. Prayers to the Spellsmith call for her blessing mostly for smithwork, but she is also rarely sought for helping perform long rituals that demand a lot of focus and energy.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

There is not much recorded about Kendra's life. She was never too open and talkative about herself, and there weren't many relatives alive or who were close to her to describe how her life was. Still, the few accounts gathered describe that she joined the Guild at an early age by a request of a friend of the guild master. She lived and worked there, a prodigy that turned from good to extraordinary in a few years of constant practice in the craft.

She would often ignore any attempts of social interactions made with her, and while the other smiths mocked her at first, it was an ability to focus so uncanny that they learned to respect and even admire her when the results of her fixation came to fruition. The few ones who grew some attachment to Kendra would later help her bringing food and other things since she seemed to have a certain difficulty dedicating time to other activities, like cooking.

It didn't take long before she perfected her craft and tried to bring new, innovative ideas to break the boredom, and that was when, in her mid 20's, she began meddling with magic. Kendra found out that, through rituals that were never fully revealed, she was able to infuse powerful magic in mundane items, creating a whole new level of battle armaments. She worked hard perfecting this technique for the next few years, but, according to the accounts, she might have hit a wall, which tormented her for a while.

Not long later, Kendra went missing. It is said that she went in a search for enlightenment, an answer to her roadblock, and died during the quest.


While her complete ritual was never revealed, those who worked with her gathered a few of her notes she left behind and reports of parts of it some have seen and were able to replicate a lesser version of it. Thanks to that, the Guild was able to create magical weaponry for Archana to use and sell, growing the Kingdom's wealth and power manyfold.

There was also Kendra's Toolbox that was left behind, and it is said to hold her power to created more powerful items just like its owner could. Unfortunately, the toolbox disappeared a few years later, believed to be stolen from her grave by artifact hunters.

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Mother of the Craftsmen Guild, The Spellsmith
Currently Held Titles
65 AE 101 AE 36 years old
Circumstances of Death
Current Residence
Presented Sex
Red, straight, under the shoulder
72 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Family & Relations

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