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Church of Tiamat's Way

Main organized religion in the Kingdom of Archana


"Mother Tiamat welcomes you to her temple, children. The path of balance opens before you."
— a priest of the Church of Tiamat's Way

Following the mythology left in Aequus by both Caeles and Mors after the Calamity, the Church of Tiamat's Way teaches that Tiamat is the Mother of all Things. It is the main religion in the Kingdom of Archana, and so it has many unique elements from the local beliefs if compared to the religion that originated it.

Mythology & Lore

There is a strong link between the Church of Tiamat's Way and the events from the Calamity. The final battle of the Realm Wars showed humanity the dangers of Caeles and Mors, also known as Heaven and Hell, and the powers that the dwellers of Aequus possess, and so those have shaped the teachings of the Church.

They tell of nine human warriors that were chosen by the Dragons to fight off the incoming invaders. Their powers, that of magic, was the power of Tiamat herself, her will to protect us. And as such, magic is taken as a tool for people to grow and develop, a power that was meant for us to harness. Even further, our enemies were the embodiments of Order and Chaos, halves of the elemental spectrum, who were defeated by the power of balance. The path of balance that, as the story tells, is the path of humanity, the ideals that we must strive: the Way of Tiamat.

Divine Origins

Tiamat's Way was born as a branch from the Artalgnian religion, the Light of Tiamat. When the Empire conquered Archana, they enforced their religion in the land, enough for the Archani to grow used to it after almost 200 years of domination. When they earned their independence back in 307 AE, the people saw the possibility to revise their imposed religion and mold it to better fit their needs. In 309, the Church of Tiamat's Way was finally founded, taking the basis of the Light of Tiamat religion, adding the local stance on the use of magic, and other local customs such as the praising to the Heroes of Archana, until the religion had a face of its own.

Cosmological Views

Aequus is a part of a greater whole. This Realm along with others are just sheets of paper in the book of Reality, small dimensions that are part of a bigger Existence. And this greater whole was created by Tiamat when she sacrificed herself to give birth to all things, and her essence, aether permeated this new reality giving it life.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Church has little to no direct influence in the politics of Archana. Nearly no priest has ever put their feet in the Dawn Keep, nor occupied the role of counselor. Still, its teachings and beliefs are heavily intertwined in the culture of Archana, especially since the ancestors in the Circle of Heroes are officially accepted by the Church as saints, so it is safe to say there is a certain political pressure that it exerts.

Founding Date
309 AE
Religious, Organised Religion
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