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Mother Goddess of Magic and Reality


"Mother Tiamat, may your essence always be within us, and bring us life and prosperity."
— excerpt from the Prayer to Tiamat, from the Church of Tiamat's Way

Mother of Dragons, Creator of Reality, Source of Aether, Tiamat is the primordial being, Goddess of Caeles, Mors, and now even to most of the religions in Aequus.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

According to the stories told by the religions that praise Tiamat, She was the primordial being, and She was the only one there was. Earning to have company, Tiamat used her powers over reality to create a new world, filled with beings made after Her image - the Dragons. But this cost Her a lot, as creating a new world required a lot of power, the power that She contained within. As Ekssar came to be, Tiamat lost Her physical form, vanishing and spreading through the world as aether, the very essence of Hers. This meant that, while She could retain Her form as a being, Tiamat is still present in all things, everywhere.

Divine Classification

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