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Hilde Nordrum

Mother of the hrastfolk and ingenious strategist

Hilde Nordrum (a.k.a. The Warmatron)


''Halt and return! No invader may enter the gates of Hrastgar! Our spirits will never be broken and our people will persevere!''
— Hilde's line in a popular bardic story about her

One of the first notable figures in the early history of Archana, Hilde Nordrum was the leader of a group of refugees from the northern reaches of Europa. They settled in the Oaklands, only to be welcomed by the hostile rulers of Nouvemond, but Hilde's battle cunning ensured that her people remained safe even as they grew outnumbered, surrounded by other settlements, and in an all-out war. It was no surprise that, when the war was over and the Circle of Heroes was created, she earned her place in it.

Divine Domains

War, Strategy, Motherhood

Known as "The Warmatron" in the Circle, Hilde was recognized by her battle cunning and unwavering will to protect every single one of her people. Prayers to the Warmatron revolve around the safety of the people in times of war, and that all the strategies work for their sake.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Due to the Hrastfolk's culture os singing, and not writing, their History, it is very hard to have a clear picture of Hilde's past, especially before the Calamity. Still, evidence points to the fact that she was in the military before everything went down, which easily made the group she was in gather behind her. After the first few years when the cold of the North increased, Hilde and her group, larger now, found an abandoned ship which they used to escape southwards, into the continent.

Hilde and her group arrived at what would be called the Blackbourne Bay and wandered the land for the first few months until they found the ideal place to start rebuilding a community, founding Hrastgar. Through most of the first decade, Hilde and her people had a peaceful and prosperous living, but that didn't last as they had a rough first meeting with their neighbors from Nouvemond, resulting in a conflictual relationship. Hilde was able to manage the situation with grace and almost avoid losing a single of her people.

When the war finally broke out, Hilde was able to show what she was really capable of. Surrounded by Blackbourne to the North, Vilennor to the East and Nouvemond to the South, and the enemy supplied by The Veins's metals and stones, Hrastgar had all the reasons to fall hard and quickly. Still, thanks to Hilde's past experiences and ingenious plans, they were able to resist throughout the entire war, forever labeling the hrastfolk as brave warriors.

Hilde died of old age at 87, during the War of the Oaklands. She left her people, but her spirit was so ingrained in them that they were able to carry it out on their own until they eventually earned their peace. As part of the pact of peace, the Circle of Heroes was built, and Hilde Nordrum earned her rightful place in it as The Warmatron.


Hilde molded much of the foundations of the hrastfolk culture as it is today. Their fame as brave and strong warriors, heroes and storytellers were mostly influenced by her as her will to protect her people has marked them and made of Hilde an example to be followed.

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Warmatron
Currently Held Titles
25 CE 62 AE 87 years old
Unknown (somewhere North)
Current Residence
Presented Sex
Family & Relations
Baard Nordrum (grandson)

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