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Baard Nordrum

Unifier of Archana and founder of the Traveling Notes

Baard Nordrum (a.k.a. The Peacesinger)


"The sword is strong, yes. But nothing is as effective as music."
— old saying by Baard Nordrum, passed down through the generations

Already locally known by the Hrastfolk as the founder of Baard's College for musicians and storytellers, Baard Nordrum, grandson of Hilde Nordrum, earned his place in History for putting an end to the War of the Oaklands. It was him who wrote the terms of peace and created the Circle of Heroes, having his own statue added to the original trio by request of both peoples.

Divine Domains

Music, Peace, Unity

Known as "The Peacesinger" in the Circle, Baard was recognized for using his music to spread words of peace and putting an end to the War of the Oaklands. Prayers to the Peacesinger thank him for strengthening the culture of music in Archana, and that it may forever last as it did so far.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Grandson of Hilde, Baard was born among those who valued Hrastgar's culture the most. When he was little his mother used to sing to him, and that nurtured a love for music in him. As he grew, he started playing instruments and his interest in the subject only grew, much like his love for the stories of the old world that were often told among the hrastfolk.

In his late teens, Baard was already teaching music and stories to younger children, and also writing them down, afraid that the war would consume their culture whole. He founded the "Baard's College for musicians and storytellers", which grew pretty well in popularity in Hrastgar. He would have settled for being just a teacher, but since his grandmother died the war had been looking more and more hopeless to the hrastfolk. He decided to settle out to Nouvemond and mingle among them, starting to tell stories of his people, trying to gather support against the war.

Baard eventually caught the hearts of crowds with his songs, turning the war in their eyes into the pointless aggression that it really was. When most of the people refused to fight any more, he found and exposed the commander behind the war and her motivations, putting her down to the sword in the name of the hrastfolk.

With the war over, Baard wrote the Pact of the Oaklands with the approval of both rulers. In it, the Circle of Heroes was created, his school, now renamed to Traveling Notes, earned a new franchise, and Hrastgar joined Nouvemond as a single nation.

Baard Nordrum died 54 years old of natural causes.


There is much that can be credited to Baard. The Traveling Notes and the culture of songs are as huge as they are in Archana thanks to him. Not only that, but the Circle of Heroes, a very important monument of the Archani's culture and religion, was his idea. And, of course, if it wasn't for him and the act of uniting Nouvemond and Hrastgar under a single flag, it is possible that Archana wouldn't exist at all today.

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Peacesinger
Currently Held Titles
43 AE 97 AE 54 years old
Current Residence
Presented Sex
Family & Relations
Hilde Nordrum (grandmother)

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