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The Truthseeker

A mysterious entity that exchanges knowledge for knowledge


"I am a Seeker of the Truth. Share with me some knowledge you possess, that I shall share with you some of mine."
— a quote of the Truthseeker from the earliest documented contact.

The Truthseeker is taken as the most powerful, and also the most mysterious, of the Heroes of Archana. There are plenty of stories throughout Archana's History of their appearances, but there are no definitive answers to who this figure is. Given the period of hundreds of years since the Truthseeker's first appearance, the Archani began to see them as some kind of deity, a guide that discreetly pays them a visit when the time is right to share their power and knowledge in exchange for new knowledge.

Due to their helpful role in multiple events and their mystic nature, the Truthseeker eventually earned their place in the Circle of Heroes as a Hero of Archana.

Divine Domains

Magic, Knowledge, Guidance

Known only as "The Truthseeker", this mysterious figure appears every so often to collect and share knowledge. Prayers to the Truthseeker call for his guidance and wisdom, that one may become more enlightened every passing day.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

There are a great number of accounts, stories, and rumors about the Truthseeker, but no definitive confirmation of their identity. Some who have claimed to see them describe them as a male, others as a female, not to mention the inconsistency of their body features. These accounts also range from the early years 200 until the current day, and to make matters even more mind-boggling, many have claimed to spot a huge tower-like building around the same periods that the Truthseeker has appeared, one that appeared just as it vanished days later. Still, there is no evidence of how they are connected.

The first major appearance of the Truthseeker was around 212 AE, when the Artalgnian Empire had control of Arcanopia. These first tales tell of a young person, of inconsistent gender, wearing fancy traveling robes and carrying a bag of books, who wanted to know all about the nation and also left a few books in the hands of different people. It is said that the Truthseeker helped Lady Amice with the idea of starting the Resistance, and also with enough information to defeat Duke Messenio Tacitus, but she never confirmed, nor deny, that fact.

There were many other smaller influences coming from the Truthseeker years later. It would seem that some of the knowledge of engineering Cyrus Dunstan found was given by the Truthseeker. The warning given to the people of Esperbrook that the Blightwoods would swallow them all, resulting in the evacuation of the town, is said to be given by them as well.

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Truth behind the myth

In reality, "the Truthseeker" isn't a single person. The Seekers are a group of adventuring scholars that travel the world with the objective of recovering and gathering in one place all the knowledge they can from both the new and the old world. They use Rune Magic to phase their library through the world so they can more easily store their newly acquired documents. They have come to Archana many times through History, leading the archani to create a myth to explain their puzzling motivations.


Although they never had their hands directly in any of the events in Archana, the Truthseeker influenced many of them, big and small. The archani look up towards them in gratitude, as if it weren't for them, a lot might have no differently for the kingdom.

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The Truthseeker
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