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World-traveling knowledge-seekers


"I am a Seeker of the Truth. Share with me some knowledge you possess, that I shall share with you some of mine."
— a quote of the Truthseeker from the earliest documented contact

The Seekers are a group of adventuring scholars that travels the world in search of any kind of knowledge, from the most common to the most ancient and arcane, gathering it all together in a single place where they can be stored and protected: The Aequus Database.



In regards to skills, there is little required from someone who wants to be a seeker. One needs to be open-minded and naturally curious, eager to travel to new places and meet new cultures. A minimal skill with magic is also expected, as it is a very handful tool during one's journeys.

But most probably the main requirement is determination. This unspoken quality is what one must have in order to find and join the seekers. There is no entry interview or test of any kind, someone who wants to know more about them must go on their own will to search and find the seekers and the Database, which is, in a way, a test in on itself.

Career Progression

A seekers' group is very horizontal in terms of status. The little variation there is of roles comes with age and experience. The newest seekers often spend a few months or years under the tutelage of a veteran seeker. When one gets older and unable to travel, or when they show any special skill for the job, the seeker may then stay in the Database, organizing the books, journals, and documents that come in. At the top sits the owner of the library, a spot that has been filled by the same person for nearly 500 years since the foundation of the seekers.

Payment & Reimbursement

There is no monetary payment to the seekers. Being a seeker is not just a role, but a lifestyle. It is a no-profit organization, so they live by the way that this life allows them. Most of them find their way to get the food they need, be it through helping people, hunting and foraging, trading, etc. And those who travel also always bring food to those who stay in the library.

Other Benefits

While many seekers spend most of their time away, the Aequus Database serves as a home and safe haven for any and all of them, whether they need rest, healing, or anything. They work as a brotherhood united by the same goal, helping each other when needed.



The goal of the seekers is to preserve humanity's history and culture for the future and also to use the knowledge they acquired to help people in the present.

Social Status

The seekers, much like the Aequus Database, are not publicly known. While they don't actively try to hide from other people, they don't go spreading the word around either. This, together with the fact that they are itinerant, results in no one know who they are or what exactly they do, except for rumors and legends. In Archana, the many apparitions of the seekers puzzled the locals, who found an explanation in the form of the Truthseeker.


For a worldwide group, the seekers are a very rare bunch. There are about 50 of them out there questing, and another 50 indoors, tending for the library. There are so few of them because one must be a very specific kind of person in order to find them and try to join their numbers.



A large complex with a huge main tower, the Aequus Database is a special building almost 500 years old, that may be teleported around the world through the use of Rune Magic. This is where they store their findings, but the seekers often spend more time out traveling than in the Database.

Dangers & Hazards

There are different kinds of harm that may befall a seeker, depending a lot on how they work. Those who stay in the library aren't in any threat of danger (except, maybe, falling from a set of stairs), but those who go out in their journeys may encounter anything. Some only do simple field studies, others get involved in revolutions, and others go dungeon-crawling in the ruins of the old world - to each their own dangers.

Research / Scientific
Famous in the Field
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