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The Aequus Database

A mysterious building that rises out of thin air and disappears days later


''I seek information... I must gather all the knowledge there is to know and bring it back to my library. Please, share something with me, and I shall share something in exchange.''
— a quote of the Truthseeker from one of the accounts

A shadowy silhouette atop the mountains, a lone building in the tundra, an otherworldly construction emerging in the woods, only to be gone in the next day. The Wandering Tower is an enigmatic building that shifts from place to place in such a way that not even magic can do. No one knows its true purpose, and many myth and tales have appeared throughout the world trying to explain what exactly this tower is.

The Legend

Different cultures have different tales of the tower. The Archani have named it "The Truthseeker's Library", associating it to their ancestor-deity-like entity, The Truthseeker. They believe the Truthseeker comes to the Kingdom of Archana every few decades to exchange knowledge, bringing his home, the Library, with him, as such is his means to phase into our reality. There is where he keeps all the documents and knowledge he gathers, the source of his power and magic.

''It was there... I swear it... There was a huge tower right there a moment ago!''
— an eyewitness of the Tower

Truth behind the myth

Actually called "The Aequus Database", this enormous tower is tended to by the Seekers, adventurous scholars that aim to gather all there is to know in one place. They know very well how to use Rune Magic, and they have codified the data of the library into runes so they can summon it wherever they draw the circle.

Purpose / Function

The tower was built to be a safe place where knowledge can be stored, with the main purpose of preserving information from the Old World, before the Calamity.


The Database is a semi-modern building, composed of a great main tower and a wider complex at its base. It has straight, angled walls and was built from concrete much like a modern building, but with no finishings and few, small, rudimentary glass windows.

The tower holds most of the books, documents, and files. It has a central gravitational rune that, at the same time it provides the building a magical relief to its own weight, it also enables the use of an elevator-like system of floating platforms. At the top of the 80 floors of the tower, there is a large study with a telescope, to be used to observe both the land and the stars.

The lower complex at the base follows much of the same architectural style. There are many sections where knowledge is stored as well, but there are also bedrooms, studies of various purposes, dining rooms, bathrooms, and many other rooms for quality of life. There are, also, very few working computers - though these are rarely used, as they are powered by magic and may still be damaged in case an unexpected flow of aether causes a power spike.


Built by The Nine after the Calamity, as they saw the sorrow of having Humanity's History being erased by the events that changed the world forever. Using their power, they modeled the Library and coded it into a rune, so it would be preserved even if destroyed.

In time, they found disciples who were interested in their quest and passed down the mantle as they died. Their task was carried on, and the new Seekers eventually discovered they could use the rune to transport the Library throughout the world. This resulted in many rumors and legends about the enigmatic tower, but also allowed them to expand their numbers through the planet and speed up their work, as they didn't need to travel from the Library and all the way back to it.

The Seekers spread and blended in the society, and conduct their quest in secrecy until the current day.

Location Unknown; Moving
Owner The Seekers
Alternative Names
"The Truthseeker's Library"
"The Wandering Tower"
Related Professions
Characters in Location

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