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Artalgnian Empire

The anti-magic theocratic power


"Mother Tiamat, may your power always be true, and punish those who defy thee."
— excerpt from the Prayer to Tiamat, from the Light of Tiamat

The Artalgnian Empire is the largest nation among its neighbors and used to be even larger until it lost some territory during the last few decades. Following the rise of the beliefs coming from the other Realms, Artalgne's version of the story comes to the conclusion that using magic is heresy, as it is essentially the act of consuming and destroying Tiamat's soul. From that perspective, they've expanded their territory while banning every arcane practice, trying to purge the world of this capital sin. This, of course, created a natural enmity with many other nations, such as the Kingdom of Archana, which is known as a safe haven for the practice of magic.

Despite their strength, Artalgne has met many foes on par with them. Archana for one could resist against the Artalgnian army for centuries; Despite not sharing borders, Krenjor has been a strong force when fighting over new territory; Welfenbach is a looming threat, slowly taking more and more territory from Artalgne with the use of their heretic technology; But maybe the worst enemy to Artalgne is Drakia, where the hellspawn run the show.

Artalgne's vista is marked by green fields and great white castles with golden details, standing as monuments to the greatest of their goddess: Tiamat.

Geopolitical, Empire
s. Artalgnian; pl. Artalgnians
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Parent Organization
Subsidiary Organizations
Notable Members

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