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Cyrus Dunstan

Master engineer of the Diamond Walls

Ser Cyrus Dunstan (a.k.a. The Stonemason)


"The weakness of an attacking force is that they have a limited number of resources they can reasonably allocate for a siege. They have a lot to lose in a defeat, and little to gain in a victory. They have to be sure they have the upper hand, or a retreat is more likely the best option. For the defending force, however, it is a matter of life or death. If we win, we keep our freedom. If we lose, our lives will never be the same again. For that reason, it is worth it to pour every effort we can in winning. No defense is too much defense."
— Cyrus Dunstan

One of the most famous figures from the first decades after the founding of the Kingdom of Archana, Cyrus Dunstan was one of the first people to be considered a Dwarf, he was a close friend to King Charles Maine, a phenomenal engineer, strategist and scholar who designed the Diamond Walls of Fort Edgemourn along with its full reconstruction and a variety of battle strategies to use along with the new defences.

Due to his innovative ideas, exceptional intellect, and flawlessness in the Diamond Walls design, Cyrus earned his place in the Circle of Heroes as a Hero of Archana

Divine Domains

Engineering, Mathematics, Warfare

Known as "The Stonemason" in the Circle, Cyrus was recognized by his ingenuity in the design of the Diamond Walls, the main line of defense against invading forces. Prayers to the Stonemason ask for his aid in the matters of study and innovation, that one may grasp the subject fully.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in a family of miners in Vilennor, Cyrus lost his father at the age of 5 due to an accident at the mines. His mother had to take all the responsabilities of the family on herself, leaving the boy alone most of the time. Left alone, Cyrus spent most of his time seeking refuge among books, growing a love for learning in the process. Since he was always so fascinated by the city's architecture, his studies eventually shifted to engineering, which became his favorite subject.

During his early teens, in the context of a rebellion fighting against the ruling Artalgnian Empire, Cyrus would imagine how life would be if the wall at Edgemourn was strong enough to hold back their conquerors. He drew many sketches of such wall, studying siege and warfare in order to achieve the perfect creation.

He ended up joining the Resistance in his late teens, but he didn't get the chance to do much since the rebels won a few months later. Still, it was enough time for him to meet Charles Maine and form a blooming friendship. When Charles was crowned King, he invited Cyrus to tell more about his dream engineering projects, and that's when he revealed the plans to the Diamond Walls.

Together they refined the blueprint and Cyrus was left in charge of the construction, which was finished a little over a year later. After his masterpiece, Cyrus worked on many other projects specially in Nouvemond, such as the sewer systems present in every one of the major cities of Archana.

Cyrus died 61 years old in the year of 352 AE, and was cremated and buried inside the statue that was build in his honor in the Circle of Heroes.


Thanks to Cyrus' direct work and the influence he left for future engineers, Archana was able to improve its infrastructure manyfold, helping people of all social status have better life quality.

Divine Classification
Currently Held Titles
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
291 AE 352 AE 61 years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Brown, short, straight
65 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Family & Relations
Charles Maine (friend and partner)

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