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Amice Lionhart

Savior of Archana and founding mother of the Lionhart family

Lady Amice Lionhart (a.k.a. The Lionheart)


''I'm always hearing about how Lady Amice was a hero, saved Archana and started a legacy like no other. It must be really hard to carry the burden of living up to that legend...''
— Alex Yaerian

Lady Amice is a historic and national symbol for Archana. Enduring the harsh rule of Artalgne on her own skin, she grew up with the dream to see her homeland free, and by the age of 15 she was already working to see that dream come true. Leading The Resistance with other notable figures by her side, she weakened Artalgne's grasp, killed Duke Messenio Tacitus, and finally drove them out of the land, founding the Kingdom of Archana. She is also well known to be the founder of the Lionharts, an important family for the kingdom until this day.

Due to her role in the rebellion and her outstanding attributes, she earned a place in the Circle of Heroes as a Hero of Archana.

Divine Domains

Willpower, Resolve, Courage

Known as "The Lionheart" in the Circle, Amice was recognized by her unwavering devotion to her cause, liberating Archana from servitude to Artalgne. Prayers to the Lionheart often ask for strength to withstand hardships and face impossible odds, to lend her resolve and dedication to those who seek it.

Physical Description

Special abilities

During her first few years after founding the Resistance, her renewed conviction and passion to her cause had grown in her an amazing ease to control Fire and Thunder magic. Amice showed a great potential from then on, though she never actually used her powers openly, nor at full strength, as she knew this could be a trump card when the time came for the gran finale of the rebellion's plan.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Amice was born at a small farming village near Nouvemond, the only child of a couple of farmers. Under the ruthless rule of the Artalgnian Empire, their lives were harsh and barely had enough food for themselves, even though they worked hard on the fields. This precarious situation brought all the neighboring farmers to unite and speak up their complaints, which we met with disdain by Duke Messenio Tacitus, the ruler of Arcanopia.

As a result of this, Amice's parents died by the guardsmen's hands, but not before the girl was instructed to run towards the north. Which she did, collapsing of fatigue and stress not far away from Hrastgar. She woke up under the care of a local cleric, who ended up adopting the orphan when she learned of the girl's story. They quickly grew closer, and there were many lessons that the cleric taught the girl.

Still, the cleric was old and died a few years later, leaving Amice all alone once again. But now she was much tougher and determined to take her life in her own hands, and she set out to conquer her destiny. She started offering her services around the city, from housework to repairs and anything she could do. Her eagerness to be work and be independent made her name quickly spread through the mouths of the Hrastfolk. And during those years, she got to discover and develop her skills with magic.

Then, she met the Maines. She was hired to tend to the family's mother while her husband was out working, and this gave them enough time to know each other. As the bond grew between them and her, the Maines offered Amice to join the family, a proposal which she readily refused at first. But after some insistence and persuasion, Amice agreed to stay, but that house would only be a roof to stay under, she would still have to work for her share.

Alongside all the work, the following years were an introspective search for a greater goal for Amice. Watching the suffering of her people go unattended, she decided to make something about it. She started secretly gathering people who were brave to stand against the Empire, and also dragged her brother Charles into the mix. The Resistance, as they named it, was a revolutionary group dedicated to bringing the Empire down, eventually. They would train and plan their steps every day, performing smaller actions of defiance, trying to bring the attention of the townsfolk to their cause. From a girl who would face her destiny head-on to make a living, Amice became a leader who was tracing her destiny, while bringing everyone together to reach that goal.

Amice captured
Years passed, and the Resistance was famous throughout Arcanopia. They were a thorn in the Duke's side, always there to ruin his plans. But the day had come for Arcanopia to be free. A scheme carefully laid out would take advantage of a moment of vulnerability and the Duke's giant ego. As the tyrant was moving from Nouvemond to Vilennor, heavily guarded, Amice led an attack herself against Tacitus. As expected, the Duke's guard successfully thwarted the attack and took the rebels as prisoners. Since Amice was finally her captive, Tacitus wanted to make sure she would serve as an example, and declared that she was to be executed by fire in public. But as the event was taking place, the rest of the Resistance was preparing to strike.

Amice found herself tied to a pole over a pyre. As the fire started and rose, it did not touch her skin, nor did it burn her. In a mixture of frustration and anger, Tacitus cursed the young woman for being a witch. She quickly retaliated my using magic to control the fire, free herself, and knock many of the surrounding guards down. There was the sign the rebels were waiting for. As they attacked and took the enemy by surprise, Tacitus tried to flee, but the assassins of the Resistance were waiting, quickly putting him down.

Amice's grave
With their overlords dethroned, it was time to reestablish a new government. Everyone looked up to Amice to sit the throne, but she refused it, her fight was over. It was Charles, her adoptive brother and second in command, who took the role of a King. Amice, instead, decided to use the political (and literal) power she earned to finally get the quiet and calm life she sought to start the family of her dreams. There aren't many accounts of her life in that period, and she was secretly buried behind the Springdrop Sanctuary's water, a place she grew to love.

For her deeds, she earned the nickname of "Lionheart", which was used as her family's surname, and was immortalized in the Circle of Heroes


Amice didn't have any formal education through her life, as she was too young when her parents died and she lived most of her childhood on the streets. When living with the Maines, she was too independent already and refused to go to school, although she would occasionally accept that Charles taught her a thing or twice.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The single most defining achievement in Amice's life was the conquering of the independence of Archana. It is the main reason she is remembered to this day, and why she had a statue made in her honor in the Circle of Heroes.

Another important deed, while not a feat by itself, was the family she formed. The Lionharts would then become a famous lineage of heroes, counselors, and all-around well-doers.


When Lady Amice was knighted, she was given a circlet as a symbol of her deeds. She grew ever more fond of the item, claiming it reminded her of the friends she earned and lost. It is said that the Lion's Resolve contains the will and passion of her youth and the patience of her adulthood. It was buried with her in Springdrop Sanctuary.


Amice's statue at the Circle of Heroes

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady; The Lionheart
Currently Held Titles
283 AE 356 AE 73 years old
A small farming village near Nouvemond.
Current Residence
Neck-length, wavy, dark brown
62 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Related Myths
Family & Relations
Charles Maine (adoptive brother and partner)
Lionhart Family (descendants)
Douglas Devin (friend and partner)

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