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The Realm of Chaos


"Indeed, Mors is a land of death and suffering. Anyone who steps there will be tested by its dangers."
— an old History book from the Truthseeker's Library

One of the two Realms that used to fight over Aequus during the Realm Wars, Mors is the plane of Chaos, created and reigned by the elements of Fire, Thunder, Wind, and Dark, and these elements are reflected in the core philosophies of the realm itself, as well as in its inhabitants.

Due to the sealing of the Realm Gates during the Calamity, Mors was, together with its sister realm Caeles, sealed away forever from Aequus by the Nine. There has been no contact with this realm since then, and it was mostly forgotten by the people, or become part of myths and legends.


There are but a few reports on the landscape of Mors. They describe it as large plateaus with fiery pits and geysers of lava, spilling fire and smoke in the air, mixing with the huge clouds of a storm that darkens the lands in eternal night. These arid lands make for a harsh living, encouraging the animalistic, brutal ways of the demons.

Fauna & Flora

Mors is home to the Demons, the sapient species that tried to take over Aequus through force during the Realm Wars. That is an umbrella term that includes every single of the many sapient creatures that inhabit that realm, unlike in Aequus that only has humans. Bashmu, the world-devouring serpent, and the impish Goblins, are just some of the many species that populate Mors.

Alternative Name(s)
Realm of Chaos
Dimensional plane

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