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The Realm of Order


"The realm of the Celestials... if it is as deceitful and whilly as its inhabitants, it could prove to be a dangerous place."
— an old History book from the Truthseeker's Library

One of the two Realms that used to fight over Aequus during the Realm Wars, Caeles is the plane of Order, created and reigned by the elements of Frost, Water, Earth, and Light, and these elements are reflected in the core philosophies of the realm itself, as well as in its inhabitants.

Due to the sealing of the Realm Gates during the Calamity, Caeles was, together with its sister realm Mors, sealed away forever from Aequus by the Nine. There has been no contact with this realm since then, and it was mostly forgotten by the people, or become part of myths and legends.


There is little known about Caeles since there is no report of anyone ever going there. Speculation from scholars, based on the elements that formed it and descriptions of Mors, say that it is a bright and cold land of high mountains, rocky ground, covered in snow and plentiful with lakes and seas. It is always day, with the bright shine of the sun reflecting on the snow and the ice, much as it does on the golden buildings on the distance.

Fauna & Flora

Caeles is home to the Celestials, the sapient species that tried to take over Aequus through subterfuge during the Realm Wars. They are the only known sapient creatures to inhabit that realm, much like humans are the only ones in Aequus. When it comes to animals, one species that is known to have come from Caeles are the Shrewleons, small shrew-like animals that use camouflage to hide from predators.

Alternative Name(s)
Realm of Order
Dimensional plane

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