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Order of Tiamat's Knights

Order of religious knights in charge of counteracting the Blightwoods


"What good are these paladins for? They weren't able to stop the blight, and weren't able to save my mother. They are wasting the people's money with this pointless quest."
— Robin Maine, Princess of Archana

Since the first reports of the Blightwoods, an anomaly of death growing from The Wound, it has only been growing more and more, to the point it consumed Esperbrook whole. As a response, the Order of Tiamat's Knights was created, priest-knights trained to fight the Blight back.

Public Agenda

The paladins are tasked with fighting off the blight. They are trained in the ways of Light magic and use it to try and treat victims of the disease, while also trying to hold back the infection from spreading through more of the countryside. They are also supposed to enter the Blightwoods, find, and destroy the source of the blight, but no one was able to go deep enough to succeed. Most paladins were infected by the blight and those who tried to go further even still never returned.


Since the turning of the first decade after the Calamity when the Blightwoods was discovered, it has been a concern to the Archani. It grew more and more, but the people's concerns were ignored by Messenio Tacitus, the ruler of Arcanopia back then. When King Charles Maine took the throne, he founded the Paladin Order to counteract the issue.

Since then, many incursions have been made into the Blightwoods, and a few discoveries have also been made. And even though they have always conducted their duty with bravery and dedication, they weren't able to fulfill it after almost two centuries. Together with the rather recent death of Queen Beatrice to the blight, the usefulness of the Order is being questioned, together with the fear that the Blightwoods will consume everything and there's nothing anyone can do.

Founding Date
315 AE
Military Order
Alternative Names
Paladin Order
Training Level
Veterancy Level
s. Paladin; pl. Paladins
Parent Organization
Related Professions
Related Ethnicities

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