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Raymond Vilennor

Leader of the expedition that discovered The Veins

Raymond Vilennor (a.k.a. The Pathfinder)


''We all hoped there would be something out there that we could use, but no one expected what Raymond found.''
— A quote from the book "Biography of Raymond Vilennor"

An important character from the early years of the Archani, Raymond Vilennor was the leader of an expedition group set out to find resources to aid Nouvemond against Hrastgar, before the War of the Oaklands. His discovery of The Veins not only fulfilled this purpose, but would also prove to be the driving force behind Archana's prosperity. His heroism and sacrifice granted him a spot in the Circle of Heroes later on as a Hero of Archana.

Divine Domains

Travel, Exploration, Good Luck

Known as "The Pathfinder" in the Circle, Raymond was recognized by his restlessness in searching for his objective. Prayers to the Pathfinder often revolve around good luck during travels and journeys, that no harm may come to those who seek his protection, and that they may stumble upon good findings.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As early in Archana's history as Raymond lived, not much was recorded about him, or even that time period itself. He was born before the Calamity, though it is unknown where - he and his father were homeless survivors just like everyone else. They were among the first settlers of Nouvemond, those who intended to start the world anew.

Since his early teens, he was already eager to do his share of work, as he learned the world would need all the help it could have after the terrors of the Realm Wars. He earned his place as he grew into adulthood, eventually becoming a prominent figurehead in the community.

When the attrition with Hrastgar got worse, Nouvemond sent a scouting group lead by Raymond to search for any resources that could aid them. A few days in of searching, they found themselves surrounded by an odd looming shadow over the trees, forcing them to find safety inside a cave that, according to the reports of his group, "was calling for Raymond". They realized the odd formation of the cave's walls, and Raymond decided that they should explore it, as it could well have the resources they were looking for.

The deeper they went, the more they realized the cave went farther than they expected, but also more and more shining gems and ores they could find. They returned to Nouvemond with news of the discovery, and it was but a day before they were back at the entrance with a whole group of workers. Raymond lead the exploration team, finding deposits of ores and gems and clearing the path from Goblins and Shriekers that took the system as home, so that the workers could go in and take the riches to help both Nouvemond and a new settlement outside the cave grow.

Weeks later, Raymond, found himself in a room where a fist-sized gem, black as the night, was lying on a stone pedestal. Hesitant, he grabbed the obsidian, just before monstruous shades emerged and ambushed the party. Fighting their way back to the entrance, the group got surrounded when a huge shrieker blocking their path. Hurt, the men were losing hope they would go back home until, in a desperate rage of frustration, Raymond held the gem and, in a single sweep in the air, a blade of living shadow grew out of the obsidian and cut the giant fungus in half.

Making their way back to Nouvemond through Esperbrook, Raymond fell extremely ill for an unknown reason, dying a few days later. While his life was cut short, his legacy remains to this day. When the Circle of Heroes was built, his remains were cremated and buried beneath a statue in his honor. Paying tribute to Raymond, the town that was growing by the caves thanks to him was named "Vilennor".

While the existence of the obsidian was clearly documented, no one knows what happened to it after that day.

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The gem Raymond found was Umbra, the Elemental Stone of Dark. It was trying to use Raymond as a means to its ends, but he was not the right person for the task, being overwhelmed by its powers. He disposed of the gem in a crack at the side of the Bashmu Mountain Range that would come to be known as The Wound. Unable to move, the gem spread its power through the land in an attempt to call for attention, forming the infamous Blightwoods.


Raymond is arguably the most important figure in Archana's history. It was thanks to his discovery and incursion into The Veins that Vilennor was able to mine the ores and gems for the kingdom to able to grow as wealthy as it did and survive among the other giant nations. His life was cut short, but his spirit has earned the gratitude of every archan that came after.

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Pathfinder
Currently Held Titles
7 CE 18 AE 25 years old
Current Residence
Presented Sex
Family & Relations

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