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Unbendable steel


''Stones are great, indeed. But it isn't a perfect material, you see, it's sometimes too heavy for practical use. That's when this marvelous discovery may shine... Adamant!''
— Cyrus Dunstan, the Stonemason

Due to heavy exposure to Aether, the adamentine alloy, also known as unbendable steel, may be formed and given unique properties.


Material Characteristics

Unlike Mithril, adamant is harder to confuse with steel, but it might as other metals. It has a darker shade of gray, along the likes of lead, and does not shine even if polished.

Physical & Chemical Properties

There isn't anything really otherworldly about adamant, except for the fact it is as light as steel and much, much harder. This doesn't make it superior to steel, though, as that also means its more brittle, and so it comes to usefulness in different situations.

Geology & Geography

Adamant may be found in The Veins, a cave system inside the Bashmu Mountain Range in Archana.

Origin & Source

Adamant is a product resulted from the processing of Bashmium, along with other alloys.

History & Usage


Adamant has never been the most valuable good in Archana, but it has become a useful material through its history, even more so after Cyrus Dunstan found uses for it in the kingdom's defense.


Adamant was discovered in 96 AE, when Kendra Geoffe successfully refined the material. It didn't take long to find what it was capable of and put it to use.

Everyday use

Adamant is often used to make durable items. Curiously, battle equipment is rarely made of adamant, since weapons may break under too much stress and armors don't absorb heavy blows well enough since they won't bend. A common exception to this is mail armor, since its rings don't need to, and should not, bend. Still, small and sturdy items, such as tools, are often made out of this alloy. Also, the Diamond Walls have a thin layer of adamant added over the gates to make them as resistant to siege weaponry as the stone walls are.


Trade & Market

In Archana, there is little market for raw adamant, and even less for exportation. Most of it is used by the Craftsmen Guild to make tools and other goods, and then mostly sold internally in the kingdom.

Very rare. It can be easily found only inside The Veins, in Archana.
Dull, lead-ish gray
Melting / Freezing Point
~2500ºC, same as steel
Common State
Related Species
Related Professions
Refined from Bashmium
Anti-siege plating

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