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Bashmu Mountain Range

Once a harbinger of death, now the provider of wealth


"It is uncontested the fact that Archana's greatest blessing is the Bashmu Range. It provides the Kingdom both wealth of resources and semi-natural protection of the borders against invaders."
— Excerpt from Archana's History Books

During The Calamity, the legendary giant serpent Bashmu was slain. As its corpse fell onto the land and the Realm Gates closed, its otherworldly presence was too strong to remain in Aequus and its form was twisted. The Snake was transformed into rock and dirt, forming the Bashmu Range located at the Kingdom of Archana.

Archan Folklore

Due to the generalized ignorance of the survivors after the Calamity, the true story behind Bashmu was mostly forgotten. In the context they were, a tale of a benevolent serpent, and not a monster, rose around the new communities. Bashmu's true identity was twisted and it came to be known as The Guardian Serpent.


The range begins at the coast, rises from the water and into the land. It circles the area where the Kingdom of Archana now is, and ends near the other side of the Blackbourne Bay. This shape has created a natural barrier that allowed said kingdom to thrive and defend itself from invaders, even being as small as it is.

The Hawk Cliff is possibly the most famous mountain in the range. It houses the Hawkcliff Citadel, the only dwarven settlement inside the Archan Territory. The Veins are a huge cave complex inside the mountains, from where all of Archana's riches come from. There is also the Head of the Serpent, where Vilennor is located and where the main mining operations happen, the Tail of the Serpent that goes inside the sea, and The Wound, where the heart of the Blightwoods supposedly is.

Fauna & Flora

While most of the mountains are barren and uninhabited, near the Tail the flora and fauna are quite prominent. This is where the Hawk Cliff is, which got its name from the fact that there are a good number of hawks living in the region.

Inside the Veins, the only living beings that can be found except for the eventual bats and such, are the Shriekers: fungal horrors that emit painful noises. But while living things are very uncommon in the range, the unliving aren't as much, it seems. Miners from both Vilennor and the Hawkcliff Citadel have reported being attacked by the shadows in the deepest reaches of the Veins, but no one is really sure of what they are.

Natural Resources

From the veins of the creature rocky tunnels were formed, and from its flesh, minerals, and ores. The Bashmu Range alone has served as a source of stone and metal for Archana, from where they make most of their wealth in exportation.

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